I'm Ydaiber (e-dye-ber) Orozco. I'm a certified Dharma/Soul Purpose Coach, Emotion Code Practitioner, and Human Design Reader.

Are you feeling lost or stuck and not sure where to go from here?

Are you overwhelmed by uncertainty or doubt regarding your future?

Are you experiencing a Dark Night of the Soul and feeling purposeless?

I’ve experienced Rock Bottom many times myself, I've lost my inner light,

I know what it takes to make the changes to create the life you deserve and reignite your fire!

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About Me

When we reach toward the light, we realize that it’s light that’s reaching out to us.

Like so many others at the start of the pandemic, I began to feel myself spiraling into anxiety, sadness, and even depression. Even though I was fortunate enough to have the love and support of my husband, mother, friends, and fur babies, I felt lost and realized that my inner light was beginning to fade.

Then, by a stroke of luck, a dear friend referred me to an Emotion Code practitioner who would soon change my life.

After working with my practitioner for several months, I was faced with one of the biggest challenges of my life: the loss of my father. Even though we weren't in the same country at the time of his passing, I kept hearing the words “follow the light” during the last moments of his life and as he transitioned. In the days that followed, I also began to see specks of light around me, as well as hear the words “lightworker” and “energy healer.” While I didn’t know what it all meant at first, I soon understood that these were messages I needed to hear.

It was at this time that ​​I came to fully realize the healing power of this practice—how it had prepared me not only for his passing, but for my life without him. As I continued my sessions with my practitioner, I was able to rekindle my inner light again, even in the face of insurmountable grief.

As I began to heal, I came accross the Dharma Coaching Institute. Becoming a Dharma/Soul Purpose Coach made me understand my OWN purpose. I'm here to uplift others, live a life full of joy and purpose so I can be a mirror and transform lives. I'm beyond excited to help YOU reconnect with your light and Dharma.


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Over the next three months, we work together to release your trapped emotions, reprogram your subconscious, and utilize the Dhrama Blueprint to realign with your purpose. LEARN MORE.

Human Design


Understand your Energy Type, Profile, Strategy, and Authority in order to live BY YOUR UNIQUE design. LEARN MORE.

feelings for my soul


If you want to embark in the rediscovery of your purpose, but are afraid of commitment, we can begin by working on a per-session basis. BOOK NOW.


In need of a quick pick me up? Harmonize your body, mind, and spirit during this 15-20 minute session. BOOK NOW.


Release negative emotions that are causing issues in your life. Sessions may focus on relationships, emotional health, finances or anything in between. LEARN MORE.

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Let's get to know each other during this complimentary call to provide you with clarity and answer any questions you may have. BOOK NOW.


My Signature 3 Month Container.

A roadmap to self-fulfillment where we will be working together to dive deep into your self-discovery, passions, and gifts in order to manifest your most authentic life.

During these sessions, you will:

  • Release your Trapped Emotions.
  • Reprogram your Limiting Beliefs.
  • Understand your Dharma Archetypes.
  • Have a comprehensive understanding of your Human Design.
  • Discover your Super Powers.
  • Utilize the Dharma Blueprint to align with your Purpose.
  • Reignite your inner light and realign with your full authentic self.

Biweekly sessions are via Zoom. You will also have access to me through text or email.

Upon signing you will receive a pdf with a clear roadmap of what to expect during our journey together.

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Emotion Code and Heart Wall Sessions

Inner Light

What is The Emotion Code

"The Emotion Code is an energy releasing technique that helps us to identify and literally release trapped emotions- which are harmful emotional energies from negative past events. Trapped emotions can cause depression, anxiety, and they can block people from love and happiness and make them feel disconnected from others. And because trapped emotions are made of energy, just like the rest of the body, they exert and influence the physical tissues, and cause acute pain and even cancer. Releasing trapped emotions makes conditions right for the body to heal itself- so physical and emotional difficulties often disappear or become much more manageable."- Dr. Bradley Nelson

What is The Heart Wall

Your subconscious may try to protect you from further hurt or harm and create something known as a heart-wall. It is a build up of trapped emotions creating a barrier around the heart. Emotion Code can break down this heart-wall, layer by layer. This may then increase your ability to give and receive love, access creativity, attract abundance and lead to successes. According to Dr. Bradley Nelson, 93% of people have a heart-wall. It usually takes 3 to 4 sessions to clear the heart wall.

Human Design

What is Human Design?

Human Design is a system that blends ancient wisdom and current science to offer a radical way to engage with the human experience.

It's also called the Science of Differentiation because it shows us - through ancient wisdom (the Chinese I’Ching, the Kabbalist Tree of Life, Astrology, and the Hindu-Brahmin Chakras) and modern science (Quantum Mechanics, Astronomy, and Biochemistry) - just how unique we all are. No two people are exactly the same. Even people born at the exact same moment may have differences within their chart and/or will experience different conditioning based on their surroundings. So yes, you are a miraculous little snowflake. And you can use the knowledge of Human Design to live in complete alignment with your soul.

What 's included in a reading?

  • Energy Type: Determines the best way for you to navigate your life and highlights the unique strengths you have.
  • Strategy: This is how you are designed to move through the world and how to use your energy.
  • Authority: This is how you make decisions for yourself using your body intelligence.
  • Not-Self Theme: Your body’s way of telling you that something is out of alignment and requires your attention. Your red flag.
  • Signature: Your body’s way of telling you that you’re living in alignment with your design.
  • Profile: Your costume for how you show up and interact with the world.
  • Defined center: Your consistent and reliable strengths.
  • Undefined center: Your greatest teachers and your deepest source of wisdom.

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Los Angeles


"...Your warmth and spirit came through during the whole session. You are such a nurturing guide..."

Client Love

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"Una grata experiencia."

"...Me hizo reflexionar y entender segun los sentimientos que se vieron reflejados en mi sesión. Me ayudo a estar mas consciente de mis emociones y soltar las que me afectan negativamente..."

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So powerful!

"...Perhaps I can’t be as eloquent or profound as I’d like to be to express the immense gratitude & appreciation for the work that I’ve done with Ydaiber & that I’m excited to continue doing. That said, Ydaiber is like a celestial being that irradiates Love & Light to everything & everyone in her path. Her authentic desire for helping others comes through with compassion, care, kindness, intent listening, devotion and a true passion to heal. I’ve had beautiful breakthroughs with the emotion code work I’ve had the blessed pleasure of doing with Ydaiber..."

Creating Magic


Los Angeles

"Healing Magic."

Ydaiber is such a natural fit to be doing this type of healing work given her immense empathy and sharp intuition. You can tell how present and dedicated she is throughout the full session (and even in between sessions!). As far as the work itself goes, I was surprised that Ydaiber tapped into certain periods of my life—and the trapped emotions that accompanied them—that I hadn't even fully recognized and released until she worked her healing magic.

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"Truly Grateful."

Ydaiber was a light on my way to heal my soul. Her guidance and advice lit my way to meet my true self again. She helped me identify my fears, reinforce my strengths, my value, and my self-confidence.

A new day, new beginning


Los Angeles

Una Nueva Oportunidad!

Me siento con gratitud hacia Ydaiber. Al comenzar a trabajar con ella y las sesiones he mejorado mucho mi condición mental , física y emocional !! No podía dormir bien !! Amanecía con mucha ansiedad en las madrugadas y así me mantenía durante el dia, mi diálogo interno era siempre negativo llegue a sentir que ya no había nada más que hacer ! En lo físico mucho malestar por mis estados emocionales !!Bien!! Comencé a trabajar con Ydaiber y el sentir su profesionalismo me dio la confianza para comenzar a abrir en mi interior una posibilidad que yo ya no tenía !!

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